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Aurubis has a wide range of copper alloys and tinned copper materials in its portfolio, which can be prepared and slit for your production process according to your specifications. Thanks to our modern technology and our production technicians, we can deliver orders in the required quality and time.

Overview of our portfolio

More than 98% of global strip demand is covered by our allow portfolio.

Pure copper alloys and low-alloyed copper

ISO Datasheets UNS EN JIS Pori Stolberg Zutphen
CU-OFE (OF-Cu) EN C10100 CW009A C1011 CU-OFE PNA 203  
CU-OF EN C10200 CW008A C1020 Cu-OF    
Cu-PHC (SE-Cu-58) EN C10300 CW020A   Cu-XLP PNA 209 SM0011
Cu-HCP (SE-Cu-57) EN C10300 CW021A   Cu-HCP PNA 210 SM0013
Cu-ETP (E-Cu) EN C11000 CW004A C1100 Cu-ETP PNA 211  
Cu-DLP EN C12000 CW023A C1201 Cu-DLP PNA 220  
Cu-DHP (SF-Cu) EN C12200 CW024A C1221 Cu-DHP PNA 219 SM 0028
CuTe0.02Sn0.02 EN C14530         SM0300
CuSn0.15 EN C14415 CW117C   CuSn0.15 PNA 216 SM0702
CuFe0.1P EN C19210       PNA 214  
CuZn0.5 EN   CW119C     PNA 218  


ISO Datasheets UNS EN JIS Pori Stolberg Zutphen
CuZn5 EN C21000 CW500L C2100   PNA 221 SM1095
CuZn10 EN C22000 CW501L C2200   PNA 222 SM1090
CuZn15 EN C23000 CW502L C2300   PNA 223 SM1085
CuZn30 EN C26000 CW505L C2600   PNA 226 SM1070
CuZn33 EN C26800 CW506L C2680   PNA 227 SM1067
CuZn36 EN C27000 CW507L     PNA 248 SM1064
CuZn37 EN C27200 CW508L C2720   PNA 243 SM1063
CuZn42 (BlueBrass) EN         PNA 378  


ISO Datasheets UNS EN JIS Pori Stolberg Zutphen
CuSn2Fe0.1P0.03 EN C50715       PNA 328  
CuSn4 EN C51100 CW450K C5111   PNA 284  
CuSn5 EN C51000 CW451K C5102   PNA 285  
CuSn6 EN C51900 CW452K C5191   PNA 282  
CuSn8 EN C52100 CW453K     PNA 283  


ISO Datasheets UNS EN JIS Pori Stolberg Zutphen
CuZr0.1 EN C15100       PNA 296  
CuMg0.1 EN C15500       PNA 297  
CuCrZr EN C18150       PNA 372  
CuNi1.5Si EN C19010       PNA 290  
CuNiSi EN C19005       PNA 326  
CuFe2P EN C19400 CW107C C1940   PNA 212  
CuFe2PMg EN C19400       PNA 206  
CuFe0.7MgP EN C19700       PNA 205  
CuSn1.2Ni0.8P0.07 EN C19040          
CuNi1.8Si0.4Zn1.1Sn0.1Mg0.01 EN C64760          
CuNi3SiMg EN C70250       PNA 370  
CuNi2Si0.4 EN C70260 CW111C        

Aurubis also supplies slightly modified alloys with special properties, e.g. in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and US Federal Regulations



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Our slitting centre KME Slovakia supplies copper and copper alloys mainly to customers in Central and Eastern Europe

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